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SNMP Security Analyzer

The SNMP Security Analyzer™ is a software tool that assists in the deployment and administration of SNMPv3. If an SNMPv3 manager is unable to communicate with an SNMPv3 agent and it is not clear why, this tool can help find the cause. It also can identify SNMP security exposures that may not be obvious to the network administrators.

How SNMP Security Analyzer Works

The SNMP Security Analyzer has a discovery engine that can find all the devices on the network. Once the SNMP Security Analyzer finds an agent on the network, it conducts extensive testing on that SNMP agent looking for misconfiguations that may prevent SNMPv3 communication, misconfigurations that weaken SNMP security, and known SNMPv3 security vulnerabilities. As an alternative to a network wide discovery, SNMP Security Analyzer can work from a pre-determined set of IP address. Once the analysis is complete, the Security Analyzer automatically generates reports that identify and prioritize the discovered issues.

The SNMP Security Analyzer adds value to the network management toolbox by finding and intensively analyzing all SNMP agents on the network, testing for security issues typically known only by SNMPv3 security experts, and generating network wide reports, all automatically. The level of analysis done by the SNMPv3 Security Analyzer would be difficult, time-consuming, and costly to do manually.

Security Issues that SNMP Security Analyzer can Find

The SNMP Security Analyzer looks for problems such as:

Who Should Purchase SNMP Security Analyzer and Why?

If you are responsible for the security of your network, the devices on your network, and the management of your network, the SNMP Security Analyzer is an essential tool that you should be using.

Available Platforms

SNMP Security Analyzer is available on the following platforms:

How to Find Out More Information

Read detailed information about what the SNMP Security Analyzer does in the SNMP Security Analyzer White Paper.

Take the guided walkthrough followed by a self-guided tour of sample reports in the SNMP Security Analyzer On-line Demonstration.

SNMP Security Analyzer can be licensed for use with small, medium and large networks. Please email for licensing information. You can also contact our sales department via phone at +1 865 579-3311.