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Communicating Management Information Using XML

SNMP Research has expanded our products to include support for XML. The new support is outlined in the paragraphs below.


Management applications may establish a TCP connection directly to an agent and exchange SNMP data that has been encoded in XML. EPIC™ encoding provides a medium in which multiple access protocols may share a common agent infrastructure and system instrumentation. With the EPIC adapter, the EMANATE® Master Agent supports SNMP, HTTP (Web browser), XML, and CLI access. EMANATE ONE uses XML messaging in the EMANATE Master Agent.

BRASS Management Applications

XML encoding allows BRASS™-based management applications to request and retrieve information from XML-enabled agents using XML, in addition to SNMP.

Java Subagent Applications

In this scenario, the agent subsystem looks like a standard SNMP agent with a Java™ subagent which receives SNMP requests using the normal protocol, authentication, encryption, and user-based access rules. The EMANATE Master Agent decodes the packet and makes an XML-based request to a Java class, which has been integrated with the managed Java subagent. The Java class returns the requested management information to the master agent using XML. The master agent creates and sends the appropriate SNMP response to the requesting manager. XML communication is implemented in the EMANATE Subagent Development Toolkit for Java-language Development (JSADK). In JSADK, the EMANATE Master Agent simultaneously supports Java applications and C- based subagents.

BRASS Server Communication Via XML Encoding

Java-based management applications leverage the XML parsing and data manipulation features of the Java language to communicate with the BRASS server. The BRASS server sends XML-encoded instructions to create standard SNMP packets for outbound requests to SNMP agents and to convert inbound SNMP responses into XML messages to return to the Java-based management application. This feature is currently implemented in the BRASS Management Application Development Toolkit for the Java-language Development.

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