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Remote Network Monitoring MIB

A few Management Information Base (MIB) documents have advanced far beyond the gathering of data for delivery to a management station. This new generation of MIBs creates a new level of intelligence within the SNMP Agent. However, this generation of "thinker" MIBs are much more difficult to implement properly, requiring more than the MIB tools or compilers that were sufficient for the earlier generation of MIBs.

These specialty products require an agent or EMANATE® Agent (or EMANATE®/Lite) before they can be successfully implemented. Each MIB can be used with SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3 Agents, or trilingual agents (agents that support all three versions). The EMANATE Agent provides additional features including asynchronous processing of multiple SNMP packets.


The Remote Network Monitoring MIB implements RFC 1757. The RMON MIB source code implementation supplies a head start to the manufacturer who wishes to include RMON capabilities in their product. The system independent routines have been integrated with easy interfaces so the development engineer can quickly port onto the required operating system and hardware.


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