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Host Resources is bundled with CIAgent®.

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Host Resources Subagent MIB

The Host Resources Subagent is an implementation of the Host Resources MIB document, proposed standard RFC 1514. The Host Resources MIB Subagent is also compliant with Host Resources MIB, draft standard RFC 2790. This MIB defines objects that are useful for managing host systems. The subagent provides SNMP access to useful host information, such as the storage resources, process table, device information, and the installed software base.


A few Management Information Base (MIB) documents have advanced far beyond the gathering of data for delivery to a management station. This new generation of MIBs creates a new level of intelligence within the SNMP Agent. However, this generation of "thinker" MIBs are much more difficult to implement properly, requiring more than the MIB Tools or compilers than were sufficient for the earlier generation of MIBs.

The Host Resources Subagent is a fully ready-to-go subagent that sits on top of the EMANATE® Master Agent, providing the management services of the Host Resources MIB. This MIB provides useful information about the system itself, its storage capabilities, system devices, file system information, and the software installed and running on it. These items allow for efficient host management.

Below is a list of the management groups and the information the Host Resources Subagent provides in each.


The Host Resources MIB groups objects into the following management information groups: System, Storage, Device, File System, Running Software, and Installed Software.

Group Object Description
System Up Time - Amount of time since host was last initialized
System Date - Host's local date and time
Initial Load Device - Index of device from which host will load initial OS configuration
Number of Users - Number of user sessions for which the host has state information
Processes - Number of processes currently loaded
Maximum Processes - Maximum number of processes system can support

Group Object Description
Storage Memory Size - Amount of physical memory
Storage Table - Table listing logical storage areas and the following information:
  • storage size in bytes
  • type of units
  • amount used
  • number of unhonored requests
  • due to lack of space

Group Object Description
Device Device Entry Table - Table of devices affiliated with the host
Device Index - Index into the device table
Type - Type of Device
Description - Device description
ID - Product Identifier
Status - Whether device is running, testing, down, etc.
Errors - Number of errors detected
Processor Table - Table of host's processors
Firmware - Product ID of the processor firmware.
Load - Average time processor was not idle.
Network Table - Table of network devices.

File System
Group Object Description
File System File System Table - File systems local to the host
Index - Index into file system table
Mount Point - Path name of file system root
Remote Mount Point - Name and/or address of server file system is mounted
Type - Type of file system
Access - Whether file system is readable and/or writable
Bootable - Whether file system is bootable
Storage - Storage information for the file system
Full Backup Date - Last date a full file system backup was done
Partial Backup Date - Last date a partial file system backup was done

Running Software
Group Object Description
OS Index - Primary operating system of the host
Software Running Table - Table listing software running on the host
Index - Index into the software running table
Name - A text description of the software
ID - The product ID of the software
Run Path - Location from where the long-term storage software was loaded
Run Parameters - The parameters supplied when the software was loaded
Run Type - Type of software
Run Status - Whether the software is running, waiting, etc.
Run Performance Table - A table containing performance metrics for the software

Installed Software
Group Object Description
Last Change - System uptime when the last software installed entry was made
Last Update Time - System uptime when the software installed table was completely updated
Software Installed Table - A table listing software installed on the host, by name, product ID, type and date installed
Last Update Time - System uptime when the software installed table was completely updated

Available Platforms

Host Resources is sold as part of CIAgent, which is supported on the following platforms:

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