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The Critical Application Monitor is available with CIAgent®.

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Critical Application Monitor

The Critical Application Monitor is an EMANATE® subagent, which manages a set of critical applications on the system and carries out some suitable action whenever one of these applications terminates.


SNMP Research introduces a vital extension to the EMANATE Run-time Extensible Agent System called the Critical Application Subagent for monitoring and control of mission-critical applications on systems.

SNMP has traditionally been used primarily for management of the networking infrastructure but is increasingly being used for management of both systems and applications running on those systems.


Critical Application Subagent Architecture Image

The Critical Application Subagent is architecturally the "parent" of the applications under its control and initiates a set of applications, which it is configured to manage. The subagent will thereafter know if the application exits and can then take appropriate measures.

Operation of the Critical Application Subagent

If an application exits, the Critical Application Subagent can take one of two actions (or both):

Furthermore, the Critical Application Subagent can be queried about the execution state of the critical applications, time and exit code for the last time a critical application terminated, as well as statistics on how many times an application has been restarted by the Critical Application Subagent. The Critical Application Subagent can also be configured to send a trap, at scheduled intervals, when all applications are running.


The Critical Application Subagent is highly flexible using a simple configuration file, which is read at subagent startup.

Once the Critical Application Subagent is running, its configuration can be changed using SNMP, thus permitting the network manager to add new critical applications without restarting the Critical Application Subagent. The manager can also change the actions, which are taken when an application terminates.

You can start and stop critical applications using SNMP set operations in addition to configuring which applications are under the control of the Critical Application Subagent and how they are started.


Since the EMANATE Master Agent supports "industrial strength security" using SNMPv3, malicious use of the Critical Application Subagent using SNMP can easily be avoided. SNMPv3 provides facilities for limiting access to certain objects to a limited set of users. If desired, all "insecure" SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c access to the Critical Application Subagent information could be prohibited.


The Critical Application Subagent is licensed both in full source code and in binary. If not already available on the system, an EMANATE Master Agent will also be required.

Available Platforms

The Critical Application Monitor is sold as part of CIAgent. CIAgent is supported on the following platforms:

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

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