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The following material regarding trademarks and product naming is provided for reference only and does not grant permission to use SNMP Research trademarks. Any questions or comments regarding the use of SNMP Research trademarks should be emailed to SNMP Research Trademarks may be used publicly only with permission from SNMP Research, International and with proper acknowledgement.

SNMP Research Trademark Acknowledgement

When referencing SNMP Research trademarks, please use the following statement as a guide:

CIAgent, EMANATE, EnterPol, SecureIntelligence, and PolicyPro are registered trademarks and BRASS, DR-Web, MIBGuide, Distributed SNMP Security Pack, and SNMP Security Pack are trademarks of SNMP Research, Incorporated.

SNMP Research Product Listing

The following list of products is provided as a guide for the proper naming of SNMP Research products. Product components and combinations of products are not listed here. Instead, refer to the product literature or documentation for proper names of product components.

BRASS™ Management Application Development Toolkit

BRASS™ Management Application Development Toolkit for the Java™* Language

BRASS™ Server with the Java™* Management Adapter


Critical Application Monitor™

Distributed SNMP Security Pack™

DSSP Remote Forwarder™

DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF™

DR-Web™ EMANATE® Agent

DR-Web™ EMANATE® Binary Tools

DR-Web™ EMANATE® /Lite Agent

DR-Web™ Manager

DR-Web™ Packaged Agent System

EMANATE® Agent Development Toolkit for the Java™* Language

EMANATE® Agent Development Toolkit

EMANATE® Master Agent

EMANATE® Master Agent with Java™* Subagent Adapter

EMANATE® Protocol Interface Component Subsystem (EPIC)

EMANATE® with Proxy Option


EMANATE®/Lite with Proxy Option



EnterPol® Management Suite

EPIC™ Command-Line Interface

Event MIB Subagent

File System Monitor MIB Subagent

Host Resources MIB Subagent

Logfile Monitor MIB Subagent



Mid-Level Manager™

Native Agent Adapter™

Native Subagent Adapter™

Packaged Agent System™

RMON MIB Subagent

Schedule MIB Subagent

Service Monitor Agent™

SNMP Asynchronous Request Library™ (ARL)

SNMP Libraries, Utilities, and MIB Tools

SNMP Security Pack™

SNMPv3 Configuration Wizard™

System-Level Applications MIB Subagent

Thread-Safe BRASS™

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Incorporated.

Trademark Acknowledgements

SNMP Research acknowledges the owners of the trademarks in the following list which is not an exhaustive list of the trademarks used in, but not limited to, the product documentation and the Corporate Web site.

Accelerated Technology, Microtec, Nucleus, XRAY, and VRTX are registered trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation.

Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Reader, PostScript are trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Incorporated.

AlphaStation, Compaq, DEC, DIGITAL, HP OpenView Network Node Manager, HP-UX, OpenVMS, Tru64, VMS, and VT-100 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

A/UX, Apple, and AppleTalk are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Incorporated.

CHORUS/ClassiX is a trademark of Chorus Systems.

CodeView, FrontPage, Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and Windows Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Cygwin and Red Hat are trademarks of Red Hat, Incorporated.

DG, Aviion and DGUX are trademarks of Data General Corporation.

DYNIX/ptx is a trademark and AIX, IBM, NetView, OS/2, PC 100, PowerPC, PS/2, and Tivoli are registered trademarks of International Business Machines, Incorporated. (The Ready for IBM Tivoli Mark and the trademarks contained therein are trademarks of IBM Corp. and are used under license only to indicate compatibility or integration with an IBM Tivoli software product.)

eHealth is a trademark and SPECTRUM is a registered trademark of Concord Communications, Inc.

FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation.

Green Hills and INTEGRITY are registered trademarks and velOSity is a trademark of Green Hills Software, Inc.

Intel is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation.

IPNET and IPLITE are trademarks or registered trademarks of Interpeak AB.

Java, Solaris, and SunOS are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Incorporated.

Lucent and Lucent Technologies are registered trademarks of Lucent Technologies

LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

LynxOS and BlueCat are registered trademarks of LynuxWorks, Inc.

Microware and OS-9 are registered trademarks of RadiSys Corporation.

Hard Hat is a trademark and MontaVista is a registered trademark of MontaVista Software, Inc.

Motif, OSF/1, OSF/Motif, and UNIX are registered trademarks and The Open Group, UnixWare, and X Window System are trademarks of The Open Group.

MOTOROLA is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.

MQX is a trademark of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

NerveCenter and LogMatrix are trademarks of LogMatrix.

NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell, Incorporated.

Neutrino and QNX are registered trademarks of QNX Software Systems Ltd.

OSE is a registered trademark of OSE Systems.

OSF is a trademark of the Open Software Foundation.

Paradigm LOCATE is a trademark of Paradigm Systems.

pSOS and BSDi are trademarks and Wind River and VxWorks are registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Incorporated.

Reliant is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.

ROM-link is a trademark of Soft Advances.

RomPager is a trademark of Allegro Software Development Corporation.

Silicon Graphics and IRIX are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

SCO is a trademark of The SCO Group, Incorporated.

Soft-ICE is a trademark of Compuware Corporation.

SPARC is a registered trademark of SPARC, International.

ULTRIX is a trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation.

VOS is a trademark of Stratus Technologies Bermuda Ltd.