Using CIAgent and DR-Web

Scenario C: Monitor and Restart Critical Applications

The Critical Application (critagt) Subagent monitors system processes by reporting process status, initiating process restarts, and sending traps based on process status. The Subagent can be set to detect a currently running process and/or to start that process when the Subagent starts.

Send Trap When Running and When Down

The Critical Application Monitor custom page provides two boxes at the top of the page, each showing the current value set for a variable. When set to true, "Sent Trap When All Running" sends a trap when all processes are running satisfactorily. When "Send Trap When at least One Down" is set to true, a trap is sent if any of the processes within the Critical Application Monitor table goes from a status of up to down (i.e., a process dies).

Add a Row

The Add a Row field lets you add an additional row (process) to the Critical Application Monitor table. On a subsequent page, this row can be used to configure details about how to start/stop the process as well as which conditions should be met when monitoring the process status.

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