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snmpconf TIme to close the WG - we have completed our work.

With the publication of RFC4011, this WG has completed its charter.

I would like to thank the WG chairs and the authors/editors for
their efforts. Of course thanks to the WG memebers for their
contributions and reviews.

Formal announcememtn will come from IESG-secretary in the next few days.

As a last question, this AD would like to hear which
implementations exit today or are planned for the future.

In 2 weeks or so (say March 31st) the WG mailing list will also
be closed. There has not been much (if any) activity over the last
few months, so it seems not warranted to keep it open.

Further discussion/questioning can always take place at

Bert Wijnen
co-AD for the IETF Operations and Management Area