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Updated ID - draft-ietf-snmpconf-diffpolicy-09.txt


Margaret Wasserman on the IESG did a thorough review of
draft-ietf-snmpconf-diffpolicy-08.txt, which resulted in a
small number of changes being made.  These were:

 - Clarification of what "not cause a change in the device"

 - Spelling out what AF and EF meant rather than just assuming
   that the acronyms are familiar to the reader.

 - Text that the template is logically "locked" during
   copying/cloning, as well as addition of "locking/unlocking"
   in the example.

 - Clarification of error handling on template activation.

 - Fixed a bug in the comment in the example ($2 should have
   been $1).

 - Clarification of diffServConfigId

The new I-D has been submitted to the I-D folks.  It'll be in the
repository soon, I'm sure.


Harrie and David