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Re: snmpconf Status of our work

Hi all,

On Friday 17 October 2003 16.52, Harrington, David wrote:
> I continue to believe that the scripting language used to specify policies
> should be separated from the MIBs that coordinate the advertisement and
> coordination of policies.
[rest deleted]

Thanks for the mail and the comments.

It seems very late in the game to be suggesting a split in
the architecture of the document.  This would definitely be a
very major change at a time when our only remaining milestone
is to close the working group.

While there may be reasons to consider a split of the MIB
constructs and the scripting language, it would require a
significant effort to accomplish this.  Our preference would
be to get the document published as is to allow vendors who are
interested in implementing the work to do so.  Should we indeed
discover wide support for a looser coupling between scripting
and the MIB module, we should clearly address that in future
work in a rejuvenated SNMPCONF or in some other working group.

I hope that seems reasonable...


David Partain