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RE: AD review of: draft-ietf-snmpconf-diffpolicy-07.txt

> >  s/SMI/SNMP/, cause the SMI does not limit it, it is the SNMP PDU
> >  that does not allow for more than 128 subids in an OID in a
> >  varBind. I should have seen this last time.
> hello all
> it might be wise to consult rfc 2578, section 3.5, page 15,
> 2nd sentence, while contemplating this change
Mmm,,, very good, thanks for the ptr Jeff.
We had been using SNMP protocol as the culprit up till now I think
(see RFC3416, sect 4.1, top of page 10).

Seems we have it limited both at the SMI and at the SNMP Protocol level.

So that means I can live with both SMI and/or SNMP.

> regards,
> jdc