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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-13.txt

Here's a summary of the changes in the last 2 revs of the PM MIB Module.


Updated the Framework boilerplate

Updated some of the introductory text

Changed "MIBs" to "MIB Modules" throughout

Clarified that UTF-8 characters are sometimes stored in more than 1 octet

Changed presentation of 'this element' throughout to make more clear
that the term has special meaning

Made clear that implementation of all library functions is mandatory
even though their presentation is split up into 4 sections

Fixed bugs in example of usage of nonLocalArgs

Changed to usage of transportDomainUdp* from snmpUDPDomain so that an
IPV6 mapping can be defined and to be more up-to-date

Clarified how contextEngineID is encoded

Clarified the situations where functions that use NonLocalArgs must
also require the use of ContextName

One of the parameters of searchColumn is an integer that takes one of
6 values. Created a set of constants so that these values may be
expressed symbolically in Policy Scripts

Clarified that createRow is not useful for creating rows in tables
whose index doesn't contain an arbitrary integer component.

Provided advice on choice of maxTries values for createRow
CounterRate needs to cause an RTE if it gets a noSuchInstance

Fixed interface of readVar to be consistent with writeVar by having it
signal errors through a RTE. The same with readError.

Split up constants for SnmpMessageProcessingModel and
SnmpSecurityModel because they didn't map accurately onto the same set
of constants

Clarified that the string parameters to chr() and ord() may be longer
than 1 octet in length.

Added stringprep function and stringprep profile so that
internationalized strings may be compared correctly

Added size restriction to UTF8String TC

Increased size of pmPolicyAdminGroup and pmElementTypeRegDescription
so that multi-byte character sets don't result in strings too short to
be useful

pmPolicyIndex incorrectly said that it was unique within an admin
group when in fact it is required to be unique amongst all policies on
the box

Specified that pmPolicyPrecedenceGroup and pmRoleString values must be
stringprep'd by the manager before being sent so that valid
comparisons of international strings may be made

Changed pmPolicySchedule range from 0..65535 to 1..4294967295

Added range to pmPolicyConditionScriptIndex, pmPolicyActionScriptIndex
and pmDebuggingLogIndex

Changed pmPolicyDebugging, pmCapabilitiesOverrideState,
pmTrackingEPStatus and pmPolicyAdminStatus enumeration to start at 1

Specified the behavior when the storageType objects are permanent

Specified which objects are modifiable when the rowStatus obects are active

Moved overview text in comments into the Table descriptions

Added size restriction to pmRoleContextName, pmTrackingPEContextName,
pmDebuggingContextName and pmTrackingEPContextName

Changed size restrictions on contextEngineID objects to (SIZE (0 | 5..32))

Clarified what happens to pmDebuggingEntries upon reboot

Renumbered pmConformance to pmMib 12

Updated the security considerations to use the new format

Updated the references section to split between Normative references
and Informational references and also to refer to the latest versions.