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Re: snmpconf Persistence definition

At 12:50 PM 1/9/2003 -0700, Eduardo Cardona wrote:

>MIB persistence (also from 3.7 cases description) I guess is more like
>if a value was changed/added and must be keep, then the object persist,
>but haven't find any good reference/glossary term about persistent in

While it doesn't even use the term "persistence", the DESCRIPTION clause 
for the StorageType TC describes the concept in somewhat classic 
terms.  While it refers to "what is in RAM"/"what is in ROM", the modern 
terms I hear are more of the running and/or restart values for a 
configurable item.

This doesn't answer your main question.  When writing the BCP, we didn't 
particularly feel like defining this was in scope.  We had a glossary at 
one point which some people liked and which might have even had this term 
in it (I can't recall), but others felt as though it was too controversial 
for us to be trying to define terms like this, and if it didn't conflict 
with RFC's like the Policy Terminology RFC, could drift apart from it as 
each document underwent revisions.