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RE: snmpconf "bcp" Version 11 published

WQhy doesn't wayne post a suggested set of normative and informative
references, so we can take a quick look to check how we feel
about them. It seems to me that several SNMP documents (RFCs) are
a MUST read on irder to be able to understand this document.
There are possibly others. And there are certainly quite a few that
are nice background info, but not REQUIRED reading. For example,
the pttrs to documents that contain the MIB-fragment that is
being used as an example, those probably contain good background
info, but I beleiev the the bcp doc itself has enough context
about the example that such doc is not normative.


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> On Monday 30 December 2002 10:27 pm, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > -- The "references" section is now called "Informative
> > > References".  This is consistent with the notion that this is to
> > > be an Informational RFC, and has no particular pronouncements on
> > > its own.
> >
> > uh, to be precise, any of the references which MUST be read to
> > understand this document are normative, not informational.
> >
> > randy
> Do you have a specific suggestion for changing the title of 
> the section?
> If not, we can leave it alone or change back to just 
> 'references' as in 
> previous draft which I assume could be done by the RFC editor if you 
> wanted.
> /jon
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