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snmpconf "bcp" Version 11 published

Dear WG members:

We (the "bcp" document coauthors) just published the -11 version of the bcp 
to the internet draft editors.

This is entirely driven by a few things encoutered with Wijnen and IESG 
review of the document before it is to be published as an Informational 
RFC.  Specifically, the nits addressed here are:

-- Removal of the word "best" as in "best current practices" throughout in 
all places where such a phrase was originally introduced with the 
expectation that the document in fact *be* a BCP.

-- The "references" section is now called "Informative References".  This 
is consistent with the notion that this is to be an Informational RFC, and 
has no particular pronouncements on its own.

-- A comment has been added which clearly spells out that the "experimental 
XXX" OID for the MODULE-IDENTITY of the HVAC MIB is because it isn't 
intended for implementation, and if it were, IANA would need to allocate a 
real OID.

-- A "Security Considerations" section has been added, which largely points 
back to the "Deployment and Security Issues" section of the document.

It won't show up in the i-d repository until 1/6/03, since they are on holiday.

Unless some "i" has come out undotted, this *should* be the last i-d 
publication of this document.



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