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Fwd: snmpconf Closure on the document Configuring Networks and Devices With SNMP

Hi all,

It has been two weeks since this posting and there have been no comments 
or objections.  We will send the document out as informational.


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Subject: snmpconf Closure on the document Configuring Networks and Devices 
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 07:05:55 -0400
From: Jon Saperia <saperia@jdscons.com>
To: snmpconf@snmp.com

After many revisions of the document, Configuring Networks and Devices
With SNMP, currently in the drafts directory as:
draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-09.txt, the authors/WG co-chairs feel that it is
more than 'good enough' to call complete.  The 09 update referenced above
has a date of June 11, 2002 on it.

After last call there were comments posted to the wg list calling for
additional changes. The publication of this document as a BCP has always
been a contentions issue on the WG list. Even though there were comments
by only one WG member after the last call, the authors feel it is better
to publish this as an informational RFC rather than invest further effort
in it. The work to value ratio does not seem to be there and a
number of readers have already commented that the document as is has
value. Rather than further delay, we recommend publication of the current
draft as an informational RFC. If other members of the WG wish to take up
the document after publication and evolve it as a BCP they could do so,
assuming that the WG was re-charted for an extension. There are no such
plans at this time.

Your editors and Co-Chairs,
Mike MacFaden, David Partain, Wayne Tackabury and Jon Saperia


Jon Saperia                         
Phone: 617-744-1079
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