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Re: snmpconf advancement


I've been involved with SNMP implementations since 1990 and have also
been actively involved with SNMP related working groups of the IETF.

When discussing SNMP implementation approaches with developers, I have
cited the BCP produced by this working group.  Many have found the
information contained in the BCP memo highly useful when developing the
SNMP agent component of their products.

In reviewing the PM memo it is clear to me this approach is valid and
useful within both the MLM/dual entity role and within the "higher end"
embedded environment.

I do have two considerations:

(1) The methods in the PM memo build upon the current Internet Standard
Management Framework There is a MIB contained in the PM memo, not a PIB,
so I don't understand why the recent IESG treatment of PIBs applies

(2) RFC 2026 sxn 10.3.2. specifies how the IESG treats intellectual
property rights applicable to standards track documents.  I found no
specification on how the IESG treats IPR applicable to an informational

Considerations notwithstanding, I believe the PM memo should be
considered for a status of Proposed Standard.


Mark Ellison
Ellison Software Consulting, Inc.