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Re: snmpconf advancement and intellectual property.

I have been informed that people with claims should send the claim to the  
iesg-secretary@ietf.org so that they can be properly recorded.  There is a 
web page that lists all such claims and is found at:


Note that the BMC claim is already posted.



On Monday 24 June 2002 07:40 am, Jon Saperia wrote:
> Randy thanks for the reminder.
> I have looked over the sections of 2026 that apply and assume the
> pointer in your note below is the 'notification'. I have asked our ADs
> to make sure I have selected the right paragraph to include in the
> intellectual property section of the Policy Module from 2026 when such
> claims are made - found in section 10.4.
> If there are any other such claims, please make sure they are (re)posted
> here.
> Thanks
> /jon

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