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snmpconf advancement

Title: snmpconf advancement


I have been involved with snmpconf, and have reviewed the snmpconf specs closely, but have always had reservations about some aspects of it. Others have shared my concerns.

Some of my concerns are:
1) useability by operators
2) useability by application developers
3) CPU impact on devices
4) scalability

I believe snmpconf could be a very good approach to standardizing management across vendors, and bringing functional capabilities to SNMP to raise it above the peek/poke approach, without needing to modify the protocol itself. These have all been identified as goals of much of the O&M community.

Therefore, as one of the more vocal reviewers of snmpconf, I would like to request that the ADs approve advancement of this to Proposed Standard, once submitted by the chairs, so we can determine whether this is an approach operators and vendors alike can get behind.

I would also like to personally encourage open source developers to produce a reference implementation, probably as a mid-level manager that translates snmpconf scripts into mib-specific SNMP commands, so operators can determine whether the language is sufficiently easy to use, and the CPU overhead can be measured.


David Harrington
Network Management Architect
Office of the CTO
Enterasys Networks