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Comments on draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-08.txt

I just read over the lastest snmp conf BCP. This document is *very*
useful. We will be able to make use of this informationin some work
that we are doing now. Good work!!!

I have a couple comments. 

There is a ">" at the beginning of this sentence:
    5.1.  Configuration Application Interactions with Managed Systems

    >From the point of view of the design of the management application,

This section is a little unclear...

> 5.1.3.  Tracking Configuration Changes
> As previously described in Section 3.3.5 (Summary Objects and State
> Tracking), agents should provide the capability for notifications to be
> sent to their configured management systems whenever a configuration
> operation is attempted or completed.  The management application must be
> prepared to accept these notifications so that it knows the current
> configured state of the devices under its control.  Some configuration
> management applications may consume data from the managed devices that

This is a little unclear to me. Consume makes it sound like the data
comes in the notification. But what is meant is that the notification
starts a process of gathering data. Instead of the sentence starting
with "Some configuration...", I would suggest something like "Upon
receipt of the notification, the management application should use
get-bulk or
get-next to retrieve the configuration from the agent and store it (in a

Thanks again for this piece of work. I am sure it will prove useful.


Carl W. Kalbfleisch