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Another WG Last Call on the BCP (draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-08.txt)

Hi all,

Note:  this is for the BCP (again)....

This mail is to announce the beginning of a WG Last Call period on

The WG Last Call period will end at 17:00 May 28, 2002,
Stockholm time.  I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader
what time that is where you live. :-)

The WG members are strongly urged to review this document as
soon as possible, and express any concerns, or identify any
errors, in e-mail sent to the SNMPCONF WG mailing list.

Unless there are strong objections, published on the SNMPCONF
WG mailing list by the end of this WG last call, this document
will be forwarded to the OPS Area Directors for consideration
by the IESG as a Best Current Practice document.

Please send all comments to the WG mailing list at


David and Jon