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snmpconf BCP Version -08 posted


I have just posted version -08 of the illustrious draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp 
series ("Configuring Networks and Devices With SNMP") to the 
internet-drafts editor.

Given that I'm not doing my usual just-before-IETF-cutoff-beat-the-clock 
routine here for once, this should get fairly timely arrival in the i-d 
repository.  However, for anybody seeking a sneak peek, you can find the 
entire -08 menagerie (nroff, txt, diffs, etc) along with the archived 
remnants of -07 at http://www.tiac.net/users/wayne/snmpconf/.  I find I 
don't make enemies of your network admins if I don't try to attach these 
things to list mail. :)

Primary wg input for this rev came from Bert Wijnen, Randy Preshun, David 
Harrington (I think), Andy Bierman and David Partain.  Apologies to anybody 
I'm forgetting.

That web site cited above has the very diff summary I'm about to give you, 
but I'll put this here anyways.   The biggest change is we've taken on a 
new co-author, David Partain.  Aside from that, it mostly reads like...

BCP Document
* Removed section "Order of varbinds in a SET PDU" and discussion on 
indexing columnar items from one (1) rather than zero (0). Both based on 
delayed reaction to comments received from Dave Perkins and Andy Bierman.
* Removed prior section 5.1, "Designing Configuration Management Software" 
intro. Retitled section 5.2 (previously "Protocol Operations") 
"Configuration Application Interactions with Managed Systems" (this was to 
address issues Bert had with the whole flow of Sec. 5).
* Linguistic tightening of sections at Bert's request, and a number of 
related changes to sentence structure and emphasis without changes to 
semantic meaning. Clarification generally introduced by deletion of that 
which wasn't clear or necessarily useful, particularly through Chapters 4 
and 5.
* Hyphenation behavior in nroff turned off. Now all lines in text should 
not end with hyphens (unless they're hyphenated words).
* Section headers now in mixed case INSTEAD OF ALL CAPS.
* Bibliographical document references added where appropriate and not 
already present.
* Example on HVAC MIB usage provided after the HVAC MIB.
* David Partain added as editor (buy the man a drink! :)
* Various NROFF errors fixed.
* References to INET-ADDRESS-MIB objects updated to use those from most 
recent revision.

* A number of changes done as suggested by Bert to bring MIB into 
compliance with current SMI and practices: e.g., all INTEGER SYNTAX object 
types changed to Unsigned32, SnmpAdminString used where appropriate, 
read-create used instead of read-write for ACCESS of modifiable and 
creatable table objects
* More explanatory text added throughout MIB description clauses.
* StorageType TC-derived object types added to HVAC MIB tables.
* Indices in tables which were inappropriately set with an ACCESS of 
read-only are now not-accessible.
* Other references in HVAC MIB intro which were incorrectly specifying what 
they referenced fixed.

Comments and input welcome.



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