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Re: review of snmpconf--pm-10

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 05:05 pm, Harrington, David wrote:
> Hi,
> The items are from my review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-08.
> The section numbers in my mail and in the -10- document may vary
> slightly, but not much. I have separated items according to my percieved
> severity, to help you deal with them quickly. I moved some into
> "completed" that really weren't addressed, but I could accept as is. You
> might need to look up preceding items (in different lists) for the
> context they provide.
> Issues of clarity or conflict that could impact useability or
> interoperability:

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I am sure we will have some 
questions as we go through this.
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