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review of snmpconf--pm-10

Title: review of snmpconf--pm-10


I have chosen this week to try to get caught up on some IETF review work, including following up on huge documents that I previously reviewed, which due to their size I have not had time to re-review.

In my last review of the policy mib document series, I identified 103 items I felt needed addressing. I have gone over those 103 items to see if they had been addressed in the -10- revision. I find that 75 of the 103 items were not addressed. 

The bulk of the 28 that were addressed were spelling and grammar corrections, with some rewordings for clarity.

24 of the items not addressed were merely suggested rewordings that weren't terribly important to resolve, or they were questions about the language and expression evaluation. I'll igonore those items, even though I still feel the language is a weak spot in this proposal.

51 of the items not addressed dealt with document clarity that could impact interoperability. Many of the still unresolved 51 items were concerns that a management application could not rely on multiple implementations to provide consistent support of a feature. Some were requests for examples to help make the intent clearer to help implementors not do it wrong. Some were requests for re-ordering the document to help eliminate some of the need for so many forward references.

When will the remaining issues that were raised be addressed?


David Harrington
Network Management Architect
Office of the CTO
Enterasys Networks