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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07


Regarding the discussion of whether the BCP should be a BCP,
I would like to quote RFC 2026 "The Internet Standards Process
-- Revision 3", page 16, in the middle of the page:

   The BCP subseries of the RFC series is designed to be a way to
   standardize practices and the results of community deliberations.  A
   BCP document is subject to the same basic set of procedures as
   standards track documents and thus is a vehicle by which the IETF
   community can define and ratify the community's best current thinking
   on a statement of principle or on what is believed to be the best way
   to perform some operations or IETF process function.

I think, given statements like "the community's best current
thinking" and "what is believed to be the best way to perform
some operations", that our "BCP" certainly qualifies to be
called a "BCP".  The document identifies what "is believed to
be" the best way to do configuration with SNMP and represents
the SNMP communities "best current thinking" on how to do that.

I understand that there are people who don't think that
SNMP _should be_ or _is_ used for configuration.  I do think,
though, that various mail sent recently adequately demonstrates
that SNMP is used for configuration even if not even close
to ubiquitously.  That doesn't seem to me to be the question,
though.  Does this document represent "what is believed to be
the best way to perform some operations" and "the community's
best current thinking" about SNMP-based configuration?
I believe so.