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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 04:36:14PM -0500, John Schnizlein wrote:
>>Customers will to me things like, I use Lucent NavisCore 
>>or some other marketing term for an EMS product
>>and that is how they want to configure their network. 
>The most important word in the immediately above is "want".
>But wanting to use SNMP for configuration is not the same as
>practicing the use of SNMP for configuration.

Agreed. I'm sure want does not infer a CLI then either.

Most 'want' a simple GUI that will contain some smarts
the operator doesn't have and that often means an EMS which means
programmatic access, which then leads to SNMP/TL1,etc.

Here is one user you could go ask,
Last published report I read said they had thousands of cisco edge 
routers and a hundreds of Junipers in the core.

Now if we went around asking for what everyone *wants*,
my guess would be something like this:

a) provide simple technology to begin with aka 'disk drive' 
   as Randy mentioned so all one needs to set is the ide jumper 
   and install it, no monitoring other than having to listen to 
   the blasted thing wheeze and deal with corrupt filesystems or disk 
   full conditions and the occaisonal backup.
   No MEDS, no LocalPrefs, no Communities to worry about or
   interoperability issues with other disk drives.

b) vendor provided free highly skilled engineer 
   to hunker down over a CLI and keep those pesky 
   protocols and devices going so their service remains intact.

Mike MacFaden