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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

At 06:52 PM 1/14/2002, Wayne F. Tackabury wrote:

>... I think at this point your assertion that there are no 
>applications of doing configuration and activation using SNMP, 
>no applications that one can interpret a set of best practices 
>for (to perhaps facilitate even more and better and more scalable 
>etc. usage going further) have been pretty well shot down.

I have not made such an assertion.
I have just asked, without anyone answering, for the name of a
single network operator who configures their network with SNMP.

If configuring through SNMP is not any operator's practice, how
can it be a best practice? The question is not about the existence
of applications, but the operational use of practices.

Since when is shooting down a goal of an IETF WG?

>Early adopters have done this around in-progress versions of 
>the MIBs currently under IESG review.  I know of one vendor 
>(Tenor Networks) that uses that as a selling point for their 
>management strategy.  

In-progress MIBs as a selling point of a vendor's strategy does
not make a Best Current Practice, it makes a marketing strategy.