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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 03:47:55PM -0500, John Schnizlein wrote:
>I hope "to tweak endless number of configuration bits" is not 
>being put forward as best practice for network configuration.

No more so than tweaking metrics on routing protocols or updating
access control lists or handling connectivity problems due to
an implementation bug when an edge router sees invalid cruft 
from another edge router whose software was just updated.

You just have admire this quote from Tony Li:
  Be liberal in what you accept, conservative in what you send, and add a
  knob so that you can interoperate even if the other guy blows it.

That kind of tweaking...of course it isn't a BCP.

>The existence of a (small fraction) of R/W MIB variables is not a very
>compelling argument for the "best practice" claim. Can you name the
>operator of a network who would say that they configure their network
>through SNMP? 

Strangely, they may or may not know they use SNMP. 
Customers will to me things like, I use
Lucent NavisCore or some other marketing term for an EMS product
and that is how they want to configure their network. 

If you define/use SNMP read-write objects and implement the
Internet Standard Management Framework, the BCP attempts to show how 
things have progressed in the past ten years or so and what works and
what to watch out for and to some extent, what the current 'thinking' is.