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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 12:14:30PM -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
>> SNMP is an application layer protocol
>> so SNMP can't do any initial device configuration. 
>> Once a cable modem is up and running cable modems and cable modem head
>> ends are managed via SNMP to tweak and endless number of
>> configuration bits. See RFC 2669, 2670 or give Rich Woundy
>> at Cisco a call.
>when you have to scale, tweaking single devices is just not on.  the
>canonic configuration is on a disk drive.

My words above may give the wrong impression of how things
work, sorry. If you spend time in the operations of a cable modem 
shop, I haven't heard of many scaling issues other than
managing nasty coax/how many upstreams you can get&need 1x4/7/... 

Mike St John and crew figured out the scaling issues pretty well. 
At the time of @Home's demise, over 5 milllion subscribers
were being served across a number of continents, across a number
of mom and pop HFC networks (the kind that reboots your head ends 
when their m$ dhcp server doesn't work). That's an alot of devices that
support full read-write SNMP configuration in RFC 2670
plus the updated MIB-II objects 1907/2863/2011-13/2096.

They got config, diag, and monitoring stuff nicely wrapped
up in one consistent protocol (albeit SNMP) and then the market muscle 
(docsis org) to make vendors to implement it consistently.

Could it have been done with a standard CLI? Absolutely.