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Re: Fwd: Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

On Monday 14 January 2002 02:16 pm, Randy Bush wrote:

> by whom?  despite a year of looking, going to meetings on four
> continents, talking to enterprises and isps, ... we have not found this
> to be the case.

I would like to add to Mikes comments since he started to 'name names'. 
There is of course the RMON set of vendors that include Netscout. There 
are other vendors in this market as well such as HP et. al.. I mention 
Netscout since I have built applications that configure it (and other 
probes) and use the resulting data for network performance analysis. The 
application also configured other RMON devices from other vendors as well. 
Certainly RMON is a widely deployed and used technology. 

A different type of product than RMON or the switch/router vendors are the 
bandwidth manger products. One such example is Sitara Networks. Their 
entire policy for Qos can be provisioned through a number of techniques 
including SNMP. In fact, they have an application called the QosDirector 
that was a best of show finalist and peoples choice award winner not too 
long ago.  This product has been shipping for some time as well though 
RMON is clearly the oldest in this category.

In terms of router types of products, IronBridge Networks provided a 
standard CLI that would be familiar to most people that was based on an 
SNMP infrastructure. It's performance was reasonably comparable to CLI 
only based systems that are the norm in most core environments. 

One of the reasons that you may not have heard about the examples Mike put 
forward or these is that like network operators, many of the people who 
are building products for a living to not spend time on IETF lists of any 
kind. They are busy building product.

With regard to the points about whether this should be a BCP or not we 
have indeed discussed this. In section 5 of RFC2026, I see nothing that 
raises the bar of such documents to include deployment or use. That said, 
The examples I provided above along with Mikes indicate not only 
deployment but actual use.

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