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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

At 01:21 PM 1/14/2002, David T. Perkins wrote:

>There are specific products and markets where configuration is done
>via SNMP. For example, the interoperable way to configure RMON probes,
>and cable modems across device vendors is to use SNMP. 

I don't claim to be an expert on cable modems. My understanding is
that the usual operation of cable modems is as specified by DOCSIS.
Admiting that I don't have the most current documentation, the
August 29, 2001 Operations Support System Interface Specification
(SP-OSSIv1.1-I04-010829) contains this on page 30:

  During initialization, a CM communicates with a DHCP Server that 
  provides the CM with its assigned IP address and, in addition,
  provides a pointer to the TFTP Server that stores the assigned
  CM Config File for that CM. The CM reads the CM Config File and
  forwards the set of Service Flow definitions (using SCNs) up to 
  the CMTS...

My interpretation (maybe there is a clearer quote) is that DOCSIS
configuration is performed through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(DHCP) and Trivial File Transfer Protocol, not SNMP. This document
specifies in detail how SNMP is configured along with other things 
through these protocols. So, cable modems are an example where SNMP
is NOT used in practice for configuration.

I know even less about RMON probes, but since RMON is a creature of
SNMP, its configuration through SNMP would constitute configuring SNMP
features through SNMP, not configuring the network through SNMP.

>If this is the case, then the area needs some really smart,
>experienced, and motivated people with a shared goal to make
>some progress. I'll be the first to support them. But I'm also
>leery of sales agents of simple solutions or those that make
>unsupported claims.

We agree on the need for smart people with shared goals to invent
configuration solutions for networks. Randy is trying to gather and
organize the perspective of operators in a fresh start on this effort.

My impression is that there is not a Current Best Practice for network
configuration to be documented. Instead, there are lots of creative ideas.

Don't know who you see as a sales agent.
I am not making unsupported claims, just asking for actual instances of
the practice of configuring through SNMP.