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Re: Review of draft-ietf-snmpconf-bcp-07

Questioning the appropriateness of describing configuration through 
SNMP as Best Current Practice will not go away. The most basic reason 
for this is that it is not a current practice.

Among the interesting observations discussed in the Configuration BOF
(Salt Lake City 12/10) was Randy' Bush's summary:
"We can't find anybody using SNMP to configure."

What are the "at least 4 implementations of systems that use SNMP as 
a configuration method" mentioned in your reply below? 
Maybe we missed them.


At 09:17 AM 1/12/2002, Jon Saperia <saperia> wrote:
>On Friday 11 January 2002 08:59 pm, Michael MacFaden wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 08:11:58PM -0500, Glenn Waters wrote:
>> >First, I have a hard time with the classification of this document as a
>> > BCP. There is some BCP content but there is also content that is
>> > Experimental, Informational, and, some which should be put into a
>> > standard. I point out some of those sections as I went through.
>> >
>We have discussed this point in the past at some length. This is a hard 
>call here, but at some point in the future if more work is done in this 
>area and we need standardization, that can happen. I still feel BCP is the 
>best general description.
>With regard to your comments about configuraiton with SNMP. Yes, it does 
>add complexity but in my experience now with at least 4 implementations of 
>systems that use SNMP as a configuration method, it is just not as hard as 
>many people that have not done it indicate. These implementations include 
>products that range from shipping bandwidth management products in quite 
>small footprints to very large router types of products. Much of the work 
>is in the design of the MIB Objects. Done following some of the principles 
>in the BCP, it makes the task easier and the resulting product more useful 
>at least for those of us that wish to write sophisticated management 
>applications. This is really not too relevant to the BCP at this point 
>except to say that people can and do build products successfully this way.