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Re: snmpconf naive question on SNMP

>Excuse me 


>Does anyone know an instance of SNMP being used for monitoring general
>purpose software (applications) running in remote hosts from a central
>management station?

yes, there are
we have a number of customers who do this, which is typically done on
mission-critical servers such as file servers, print servers, web servers,
security servers, name servers, etc as opposed to ordinary desktops

>Are there standard MIBs and agents already developed for application

yes, there are

some of the standard mib documents include:
	rfc 2790 host resources mib
	rfc 2287 system applications mib
	rfc 2564 application management mib 

as well as a number of more mib modules related to specific applications
such as relational data bases, web servers, etc

several vendors offer agent products that implement these mib modules

>Any tips / links / newsgroups where I can pose this query?

i am glad you asked this, because this is not really the right mailing list

host resources mib:
	  ... In addition, the Host Resources MIB mailing list is
          dedicated to discussion of this MIB. To join the
          mailing list, send a request message to
          hostmib-request@andrew.cmu.edu. The mailing list
          address is hostmib@andrew.cmu.edu." ...

          (but really pretty inactive)

system applications mib and applications mib
	applmib-request@verio.net or check with carl, cwk@verio.net

>Thank you for your time.

you are welcome

best regards,