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snmpconf IPR notification

Hi -

It's come to my attention that BMC Software has some
intellectual property that may be related to the work in
the snmpconf WG.  We are still investigating the extent of
the relationship and have not made any final decision on
the licensing issues, but, pursuant to RFC 2026, our legal
folk (and Bert) have asked that I forward this notice to the
working group.  We're just trying to be good citizens here,
and I'll keep you posted of relevant further developments.

> This is to advise the IETF that BMC Software Inc. ("BMC
> Software") believes that it has rights in one or more United
> States or foreign patents or pending patent applications,
> including but not limited to U.S. Patent No. 5,978,594
> and/or U.S. Patent No. 5,665,081, that may relate to
> technologies and processes discussed in the Internet Draft
> draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-xx, including but not limited to
> technologies and/or processes for which employees of BMC
> Software may have contributed information.  BMC Software may
> also seek patent protection for any such technology or other
> information if BMC Software concludes that such protection
> is warranted.   Parties interested in obtaining information
> regarding any such license from BMC Software should contact:
> Ken Sidelinger
> Senior Legal Counsel - Intellectual Property
> BMC Software, Inc. 
> o: (713) 918-1259 
> f: (713) 918-1110 
> e: ken_sidelinger@bmc.com 

 Randy Presuhn          BMC Software, Inc.  1-3141
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