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snmpconf BCP-07 vs configuration management

Hi -

The -07- version of the BCP seems much improved in comparison
to earlier versions.

However, it still doesn't do justice to some of the
central issues of configuration management.  (as defined in
http://www.itil.co.uk/online_ordering/itil_glossary.htm ) For
example, though the document spends quite a bit of time on the
transaction concept, only one sentence in section 5 (2) seems
to even touch on the issue of versioning of configurations,
and almost nothing on the concept of identifying configurations.

I think it would be worthwhile to provide a higher-level
view by including more of the concepts from ITIL, at least
by reference.  Otherwise, it has more of the flavor of a
tutorial on how to implement SNMP, rather than a compendium of
best current practice for the use of SNMP for configuration
management.  Does the best current practice really have so
far to go?

I propose adding the references to the ITIL definitions
to section 1.2, and extending section 2 by adding another
subsection dealing with identification and versioning of
configurations using SNMP.  Section 5 should be expanded
so that point (2) in the first paragraph is sytematically
addressed, particularly since this can interact with the
persistance / activation mechanisms discussed in 3.7+

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