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snmpconf BCP Candidate -07 draft sneak peek


Here's a brief statement on the state of the "Configuring Networks and 
Devices with SNMP" best current practices draft.

The long-heralded rewrite/revision of the document is complete.  The 
current state of affairs can be found in the web page at 
http://www.tiac.net/users/wayne/snmpconf/ .  Look for the links to the 
"updated" drafts.

I wanted to give brief, and I mean like a couple of days, of commentary on 
this.  Actually, if you really want to give some suggestions before I 
submit this to the internet-draft editor, move fast--I have some formatting 
and a couple of sentence sense changes to make on this per Jon's 
final-final review, and I plan to get this to the editor **this Wednesday** 
to make the cutoff for the Salt Lake City IETF.  I'm not sure where that 
puts us with last-call process on this document, but it does give us 
something to talk about over whatever beverages are predominant (I was 
going to say 'lattes' or 'beers', but I didn't want to be presumptuous) at 
our fine IETF 52 host city.

We'll probably restate the last call strategy in the next few, but the 
point is review, so there it is.  Either way, look for -07 to be submitted 
on Wednesday.



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