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RE: BCP and Notifications (was: snmpconf FW: MIBs for events andnotification logging)


I believe you have it backwards. What I describes allows the
widest range of implementation strategies by a notification
reciever. I believe what you
describe limits the implementation strategies and actually
doesn't work in many cases with SNMP.

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Joel Halpern wrote:

> Dave, you are pushing a particular implementation philosphy.
>  From a protocol specification point of view, receiving a response to a 
> notify is enough to legitimately relieve the client of archiving 
> responsibility.  If a client chooses to archive, that is its right, but it 
> is not something we should be mandating as part of making NOTIFY "reliable".
>      Yours,
>      Joel M. Halpern

Didn't you see this...
> >One subtle difference between CMIP and SNMP is that
> >responses for Informs in SNMP MUST be sent in a very
> >short time or the notification generator will resend the
> >Inform. This changes the implementation strategy of
> >the receiver.

/david t. perkins