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Re: snmpconf FW: MIBs for events and notification logging

Hi Randy, comments inline:

> Hi -
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> ...
> >                      I have created mib documents that included in the
> > description of an object that when a value changed a notification
> > defined in that module should be sent in preferably an inform. Can not
> > force the inform, but can recommend it. 
> ...
> Keeping RFC 2573 and the architecture it implies in mind,
> this sounds like it really should be considered advice
> to the administrator configuring snmpNotifyType in the
> SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB, rather than to the instrumentation
> implementor.
There are two parts to this. The first is the type of message that
should be sent when notification information is sent from and snmp
entity. I would agree that is something that should be discussed in
the context of the security configuration of the snmp entity.

The other part has to do with the expected behavior of an snmp agent
when values are changed. That is part of the definition of the
object. One behavior would be to cause the generation of a specific

> (This sounds like its going back to the BCP part of the
> thread, and that really belongs back in snmpconf.)

The part that relates to the object and notification definitions as it
relates to configuration is being worked on, as you suggest, in the BCP.


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