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RE: snmpconf FW: MIBs for events and notification logging


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> From: Jon Saperia [mailto:saperia@jdscons.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 2:56 PM
> To: snmpconf@snmp.com
> Subject: Re: snmpconf FW: MIBs for events and notification logging 
> Bert, one follow up. Persistence of configuration data is dealt with a
> bit in the BCP. Persistence of alarm data is, a bit differenet in
> my view. I just posted to the DISMAN list that I thought the alarm MIB
> or even that in combination with an implementation of the LOG 
> MIB is too heavy weight for notifications sent from a device. 
> Perhaps the problem could be broken down into two parts. 
> Work on a conformance statement with some restructure might do the 
> trick for the Alarm MIB. 
OK. I believe this discussion ahs now started in DISMAN. So let us
keep/take it there.

> With regard to the configuration aspect, I recall a discussion at
> an SNMPCONF WG meeting a couple of IETFs ago about configuration
> persistence. I do no know where that went, if anywhere. Was there
> something that should have happened that did not?
Yep... there was. I believe that Juergen has published:
and has asked for help with the document. It would make a lot of sense
to pick up that work somehow.