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snmpconf BCP Progress

Hello all,

Well, the calendar page reads October 26, which was the point at which we'd 
hoped to have finished a candidate -07 version of the BCP for last 
call.  The short answer is we're not quite there yet.

Just to let you know what we're up to, we're combining several different 
sources of (often intersecting) review input:

-- Mine own, published on the list a while back
-- David Perkins'
-- Andy Bierman's
-- A few notes from Bert which have been submitted

We are combining these, and then subjecting each and every section to a 
very rigid readability analysis to come up with the results.  The result is 
often resulting in significant organizational changes, sectional 
consolidation, or segmentation.  Examples are also being considered for 
optimal suitability and proper placement.

I know this seems like it's been awhile--it doesn't just *seem* that way, I 
have it as having been an ongoing effort for myself since before 9 
September (*), but I think you'll find the results to be worth the wait.

Where we're *specifically* at is that we've almost got the entire document 
revised through its Sec. 3, which is the great majority of the text (and 
not surprisingly is where the majority of the issues the reviewers had 
reside).  We are probably about an hour of solid work (anticipated for next 
Tuesday) away from being able to *privately* post the document up through 
that section, and anticipate the -07 being capable of reissue for last call 
within two weeks time (this would be 9 November).

My personal objective is to have had the ability for a reasonable serving 
of last-call feedback prior to the IETF 52 internet-draft cutoff of 21 Nov, 
but that's just a personal objective.  Regardless, the two week extension 
we're humbly seeking is consistent with that goal.

Wayne (and Jon, and Mike....)

* = calibrated to the date that the New England Patriots lost their 
season-opening game to Cincinatti, 23-17.  I recall my first extensive 
going over David Perkins' review of the document happening during the game. :)


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