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Re: snmpconf FW: MIBs for events and notification logging

js>My view is that while DISMAN might be a great place to talk about some
js>of this part of the problem pointed to is alarm persistence on a simple
js>managed device. If we have decided that to support alarm persistence one
js>has to implement the alarm MIB I am afraid this might be too big a
js>hammer for some vendors and they will do their own thing.

i agree with several of the posters, including this note, at least in part

the disman alarm mib is merely A way, not to be confused with THE way
of doing this aspect of alarm management

we had vendors of simple managed devices implementing their own style of
alarm management via standards-track mib objects before there was a disman
alarm mib, and vendors continue to implement today, and will continue
to implement tomorrow -- no matter what happens in the disman working

i don't think anybody is trying to jam the disman alarm mib down any
particular throat, nor should anybody attempt to do so in the future,
because to do would be just plain wrong

the disman approach is A way, not THE way

the nice thing about standards is that ...