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snmpconf Getting down to the wire

We are getting to the end of our WG to do items. I have updated the web
page at:


The BCP is in last call and the items on the to do list for that
document are closed with a pointer to the new version. We have started
to have some discussion which will continue until the WG last call
closes that David Partain announced.

Steve published a new draft before the last IETF and closed a number of
issues on the to do list. That state is also reflected on the updated
WEB page. This means that only items 9 10 11 13 17 21 22 36 37 remain to
be completed. Steve has indicated that a date of October 1 is reasonable
to have a version of the Policy MIB Module published to the WG and ID
people in a form we think is ready for working group last call. If there
are any errors or omissions in the open items please post a note to the
group. It is possible that I may have missed closing some items that
should have been. 


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