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Re: snmpconf taxonomy discussion(s) - suggested resolution


I'm not sure what is really to happen...
There are comments as to what the resulting document
should be, and that does not appear to be addressed
by the announcement by the chair.

I suggest that that resulting document be an Informational
document or possibly even Experimental, with title
"Suggestions for Designing MIB Modules
to Allow Configuration Management via SNMP Operations".

The document is not a BCP, since it suggest approaches, many
of which are not used in MIB module design.

At 10:27 AM 8/27/2001 +0200, David Partain wrote:
>Hi all,
>Regarding my suggestion to remove the taxonomy from the BCP
>as well as references to it in the PM MIB, I believe that
>everyone's had a chance to object and no one has.
>The Gavel Bangs.  Done.  The editors understand the edits :-)
>David & Jon
/david t. perkins