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snmpconf taxonomy discussion(s) - suggested resolution


Over the last few months, there has been long discussions
about two particular issues:  the taxonomy discussion in the
BCP and the pointer to it in the policy MIB document.  A few
things have become plain to me during this discussion:

 - I suspect that there is a very small number of people who
   understand what the taxonomy issue is all about.

 - The "camps" (for lack of a better term) are not any closer to
   reaching agreement on the taxonomy now than they were at the
   beginning of the discussion.

 - No one else is about to jump into the middle.

 - There is significant work being put into something which is,
   in the end, and example of how to talk about policy.  As such
   I am having a difficult time seeing that it warrants this
   level of attention or contention.

As I think this is true, I would strongly recommend that we:

 - Remove the taxonomy section from the BCP entirely.

 - Remove references to the BCP taxonomy section in the PM

This will enable us to move the BCP forward by removing the
single most contentious issue as well as close some PM issues
that remain.  And, I believe, we don't really lose anything
other than an example.

I strongly believe we are spinning our wheels on this issue
and want to move on.

I know that Jon agrees with this suggestion and would very
much like the working group's opinion.


David Partain