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Re: snmpconf Trap parameters in snmpSend

> >>>>> On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 08:33:26 -0400, Jon Saperia <saperia@jdscons.com> said:
> >> However, if I were to pick one (which I think SHOULD be done for
> >> snmpconf for simplicity purposes) I'd say go with specifying v2
> >> traps and having them get automatically converted to v1 if the
> >> CR/NR in question supports v1 trap generation.
> Jon> By you last sentence you mean what by CR/NR.
> CR = command responder
> NR = command generator
> Jon> Is it not true that the node will be configured to genererate the
> Jon> appropriate trap or inform to the correct destinations based on
> Jon> the agent configuration? What am I missing?
> Yes, that's what I'd expect.
> However, this brings up another point.  Are you allowed to specify
> where the TRAP PDU is sent to, or are you only allowed to tell the
> host the script is running on "send this trap" and it's up to the
> entity in question to send it to it's list of configured receivers.  I
> could see arguments advocating one, the other, and both.
> -- 

If I were to argue, I would say we have an infrastructure to the
defintion of where notifcations go and whether they should be traps or
informs.  I see no compelling reason to invent a new one.

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