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Re: snmpconf return values from policyCondition and policyAction scripts

I like it all!


Steve Moulton wrote:
> Issue 49: While the proper behavior can be more or less deduced from various
> parts of the document, I would like to have some clarifying text
> on handing the return values from scripts.
> I posit the following as a straw-man.
> 6.n  Execution Environment
> A PolicyScript script execution is normally ended by the execution
> of a return statement, or by having the flow of execution reach
> the end of the final statement in the script.  A normal script
> execution always returns a Boolean value.  If no explicit value is
> specified in the return statement, or if the flow of control proceeds
> through the end of the script, the return value is implicitly
> zero.  If a expression is provided with the return statement,
> the expression is evaluated, and the result of the expression
> is implicitly converted with the ToBoolean operator before
> being returned to the script execution environment.
> The return value of a policyCondition script is used to determine
> whether the associated policyAction script is executed.  If the
> returned value is zero, the asssociated policyAction script is not
> executed.  If the returned value is one, the associated policyAction
> script will be executed.
> The return value of a policyAction script is ignored.
> A RTE or invocation of the die() accessor function will cause
> the return value of the script to be set to zero.   Note however,
> that execution of the defer() or die() accessor functions may set
> the defer attribute so that the lower precedence script may be
> executed.  This is independent of the return value of the policy script
> execution.
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