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snmpconf Trap parameters in snmpSend

Issue 50: Specifying trap type and enterprise OID in snmpSend for 
the Trap of SMIv1.

(Again, I am not unilaterally declaring this issue 50, just
continuing the numbering from where it left off on the issues list
and my previous submissions).

Currently there is no way to specify the trap type and enterprise
OID for Traps.  I would be perfectly happy to specify that
only V2trap(6)s be sent (and omit the Trap(4) operation 
entirely) , but I suspect that the community at large may object to this.

I propose one of the following approaches.

1  Add a different accessor function for sending v1 traps, with
   the associated generic-trap, specific-trap, and enterprise
   parameters.  The agent-addr parameter could either require an
   additional argument, or be intuited from an IP address from the

   I don't really favor this. 

2  Specify that, when using the Trap operation with 
   snmpSend, that the supplied parameters should follow
   V2Trap semantics, and automatically converted using the
   rules of rfc2576, section 3.2.

   I favor this approach, as it removes the need for adding 
   an accessor function for an exception case.

Possible text for approach 2:

If a SNMP Version 1 trap is requested (the opcode is 4 or Trap), 
then SNMP Version 2 trap parameters are supplied and converted
according to the rules of [RFC2576] section 3.2.  The first
variable binding must be sysUpTime.0, and the second must
be snmpTrapOID.0 [RFC1905, section 4.2.6].  Subsequent variable
bindings are copied to the SNMP Version 1 trap PDU in the
usual fashion.

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