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snmpconf Status Update

Hi All,

Things have been quiet for a while and I wanted to let everyone know
what David and I are up to. 

David is on holiday for this month though he and I continue to talk. I
will take over editing his to do list page for this month. When this
page is updated, I will send out a new URL. Our immediate task is to
review the huge amount of work that Steve did in his last update and
where we have consensus, mark as complete the items on the to do list.
Where David and/or I have a question, we will put it to the list.

Steve indicated he will send another version out. Since the ID cut off
date is the 20th of this month, Steve will have to say if he thinks it
will make it.

The BCP will be issued for last call per the notes on this list last
week. This should happen sometime this week or next.

Even though the ID people will not be posting after July 20th we can
still make progress on this WG list.

Note that our charter which had once been extended called for WG last
call by July 1. David and I are considering asking for a 60 day
extension - not too bad in the scheme of things.

We are not planning a meeting in London.

More later.


Jon Saperia		     saperia@jdscons.com
			     Phone: 617-744-1079
			     Fax:   617-249-0874