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Re: snmpconf PM MIB Issue #9

> >>>>> Jon Saperia writes:
> Jon> Clarification in another document that does not hold up our work
> Jon> is great. There are of course other mechanisms in Juegens
> Jon> proposal that will also help - but down the road. For that reason
> Jon> I like your suggestions #2.
> >> 2) Add a scalar to the PM MIB that writes all nonVolatile entries
> Are you saying that there should be StorageType columns or not?
> Are you saying a single scalar is all you need and the response on the
> set which triggers the write button will be delayed until the data has
> actually been committed to stable storage? And how will you report any
> errors (or are there by definition no errors when committing data to
> stable storage)?

I think all the following sematincs are needed:

  1. The 'storage type' which is the current equivalent in CLI land of is
this change a permanent change (e.g,. to disk or nvram) or is this a
temporary change. This of course is only on a per row basis so we need a
'larger scale' set of objects in most MIB modules.

  2.  The 'make it so' button. This is make the change active in the
memory system specified above.

  3.  We need to have objects that control the scope of the action,
e.g., which rows, tables, and their relationships as a general rule. For
example in a bandwidth management system, many rows in many tables might
need to go into effect simultaneously. Same is true for routing

The policy module does not need a lot of this because relatively
speaking it is not that complex. It does need some. I wrote this more
for the larger picture. 

The short answer to your question is that I think both a storage type
and 'make it so' buttons are helpful in the pm case.

> /js
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