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Re: snmpconf PM MIB Issue #9

>>>>> David Harrington writes:

David> Would it be a reasonable compromise to have the StorageTable
David> contain a VariablePointer to a scalar that is the
David> StorageControl for a specific mib module?

David> Then simply define some guidelines about how a StorageControl
David> scalar pointed to by this table should be defined, possibly by
David> using another standard TC, such as a TruthValue
David> (StoragePleaseWriteNow).

The snmpStorageTable might look too complex to some of you. However,
it does a number of things:

(a) Allows to find write buttons in a single place

(b) Supports asynchronous write operations (the set operations on
    snmpStorageControl return before the write operation is complete
    while the snmpStorageStatus reports the progress - which is a
    good thing to have on systems that save configuration data in
    slow memory)

(c) Error reporting (snmpStorageError, snmpStorageErrorTime)

(d) Identification of the "MIB zone" to be written to stable storage
    by using the snmpStorageID.

Write operation on the write buttons probably should require the use
of snmpSetSerialNo to prevent multiple managers to step on each other
or there should be a specific TestAndIncr object only for this MIB.

You can of course make simpler solutions by giving up some of the
features listed above - and a MIB specific scalar gives up all the
features listed above.